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Mission & Vision

To make a difference to our people. Guiding passionate and dedicated individuals to become better and create an impressive impact on our future generations.

To be the beacon of inspiration. We want our younger generations to be inspired by our dedication and encouraged by our stories. It takes years to become successful and a lifetime to become humble.


Khin Chong
Chief Executive Officer & Brand Manager

Khin is the Founder and CEO of the company. He is responsible for the company's overall strategy, culture and branding. Khin has been in the stock market as an active investor since 2007 and managing the company's portfolio since 2011. As the company grew, Khin also oversaw the company's new branch into the Hospitality industry in 2016.

Khin has held numerous guest lectureships, including visiting lecturer at StudyGroup Australia from 2013 to 2015, INTI International University from 2015 to 2020, guest speaker at Tunku Abdul Rahman University College and University Malaysia Sabah from 2018 to 2021, mentor at Edith Cowan University from 2020 to 2022 and TEDx speaker. He is currently on the Adjunct Faculty as a Mentor and a member of the Board of Advisory at INTI International University.

Khin received a Bachelor of Arts in Geography and History from Edith Cowan University and an Executive Certificate in Management and Leadership from Massachusetts Institute of Technology SLOAN.

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Lucas Leong

Lucas, is the Co-Founder of SJKV AU. He co-founded SJKV AU and was one of the founding members of SJKV with Khin in 2011. During the early phase of SJKV's development, Lucas was responsible for training, research and analysis work and taking charge of meetings with our team members. He was also involved in most of the guest lecturing sessions which were held in Australia together with Khin from 2013 to 2015.

Lucas received a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Western Australia and also a Certified Practising Accountant (CPA) Australia.


Winnie Chin
F&B General Manager

Winnie, is the GM for the company's Food and Beverages section, overseeing the whole structure and is responsible for product, training, and customers to licensees and partners. Winnie joined the team in 2016 and was appointed as the operations manager for our flagship store. In 2020, she was assigned for this challenging position and take charge of the company's F&B expansion, managing all outlets and over 600 members, both growing.

Winnie received a Diploma in Hospitality of Hotel Management from Tunku Abdul Rahman University College in 2012 and Operations Management Executive eCourse from University of Cape Town in 2020.

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Samantha Leong
HR, Company Culture

Samantha joined the Group in 2017 and was in charge of recruitment and training for our F&B team. Currently, she works closely with the chief in maintaining and developing the company's culture.

Samantha received a Bachelor of Tourism Management from Tunku Abdul Rahman University College in 2017.


Xean Liew
Marketing & Creative Officer

Xean joined the company in 2016 as a graphic designer for the F&B section. With years of past experiences in the graphic design role, she also took part in the company's marketing team as a senior graphic designer. In 2019, she was given a bigger role as the company's creative officer and is currently in charge of planning advertising, designing and supervising the entire creative process.


Dylan Chong

Administrative & Accommodation Manager

Dylan joined the company in 2016 as a part-time barista and service crew in the company's F&B section. He then joined our full-time team after graduating from college and began his administrative role starting as an HR executive from 2018 to 2019 and then transferred to our HQ as the group's administrative officer in 2020. He is now in charge of the group's overall administrative tasks and also helping the accommodation section as an Accommodation Manager.

Dylan received a Diploma in Business and a Certificate in Hotel Operations from INTI International University.

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Su Yenyu
F&B Operations Manager | Trainer


Su joined SJKV F&B section in 2016 as a Senior Barista and Captain at our Flagship Outlet. Su is currently in charge of daily operations for all outlets statewide, staff training, production and stock management.


He is also responsible for THE BEAN Barista Training which was founded in 2020, with over 100 students completing their coffee training over the past 2 years and growing.


Kevin Pang
Personal Assistant to the Chief Executive Officer


Kevin joined SJKV in 2013 and assisted the company's directors on the development of the company. Kevin is also responsible for the group's general maintenance work at all premises and site supervision for all renovation works.

Our Businesses

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Our Journey


TBX membership reached a record of 500 members

KK Bakery now supplying at 3 of the major supermarkets in Sabah

Opening of the trendsetter TBX Damai Point Outlet with its new member's only area

Opening of TBX Sandakan Outlet, the largest outlet of all TBX

Hosted the first Barista Training TBBT to Tawau Outlet



Founded Attribute Design
Founded KK Bakery

Launched THE BEAN e-Gift Card and Merchandise

The Edupreneurs to partner for Career Consultancy Agencies


Opening of TBX Tawau Outlet
Opening of TBX Gaya Street Outlet

TBX reached 200 Memberships

Launched THE BEAN Barista Training "TBBT" courses



Opening of TBX Damai Plaza Outlet

Opening of TBX Lintas Plaza Outlet

New Partnership with Jesselton Networks

Launched TBX Licensing Program



New Partnership with KIN LODGES


Serving over 67,000 cups of coffee in 2018



Founded THE BEAN EXPRESS "TBX" at Wisma Merdeka Mall

Launched THE BEAN VIP Membership Program



Founded THE BEAN



Founded The Edupreneurs publication


Founded COMPOSITE Financial Newsletter



Founded Successive JK Ventures in Sabah, Malaysia

The start of Successive Trading in Perth, Western Australia

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