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Mission & Vision

To make a difference to our people. Guiding passionate and dedicated individuals to become better and create an impressive impact on our future generations.

To be the beacon of inspiration. We want our younger generations to be inspired by our dedication and encouraged by our stories. It takes years to become successful and a lifetime to become humble.


Empowering untapped talent to soar beyond boundaries. Our company mission and culture is to help unlock your potential, regardless of your academic background. Together, we create opportunities for every individual to thrive and become remarkable.

Our founder and team have been on a mission for over a decade, recruiting and providing the right career pathway for them within the organisation, from fresh graduates to youth who are willing to strive but not given the right platform or opportunities.



  • ​Official Opening of THE BEAN ACADEMY AND COFFEE ROASTERS, with training and roastery facilities.

  • Successfully launched 2 new house blend coffee, the X105, V2 and V3, in March.

  • A new regional branch office under F&B division opened in Tawau.


  • Opening of TBX Papar, TBX Kingfisher and TBX Lahad Datu Outlets.

  • Founded "Papel Studio Co."

  • TBX membership reached a record of 1,000 members

  • Successfully hosts THE BEAN MEMBERS NIGHT at selected outlets.

  • Successfully launched our very own specialty coffee blend.


  • Founded a new section, "THE BEAN ACADEMY AND COFFEE ROASTERS."


  • TBX membership reached a record of 500 members

  • KK BAKERY supplies four of the major supermarkets in Sabah

  • Opening of the trendsetter TBX Damai Point Outlet with its new member-only area

  • Opening of TBX Sandakan Outlet, the largest outlet of all TBX

  • Hosted the first Barista Training TBBT to Tawau Outlet


  • Founded "Attribute Design"

  • Founded "KK BAKERY"

  • Launched THE BEAN e-gift Card and Merchandise

  • The Edupreneurs to Partner for Career Consultancy Agencies


  • Opening of TBX Tawau Outlet

  • Opening of TBX Gaya Street Outlet

  • TBX reached 200 Memberships

  • Launched THE BEAN Barista Training "TBBT" courses


  • Opening of TBX Damai Plaza Outlet

  • Opening of TBX Lintas Plaza Outlet

  • New Partnership with Jesselton Networks

  • Launched TBX Licensing Program



  • New Partnership with "KIN LODGES"

  • Opening of THE BEAN BAR

  • Serving over 67,000 cups of coffee in 2018


  • Founded THE BEAN EXPRESS "TBX" at Wisma Merdeka Mall

  • Launched THE BEAN VIP Membership Program


  • Launched "THE BEAN" F&B


  • Founded The Edupreneurs publication


  • Founded COMPOSITE Financial Newsletter


  • Founded Successive JK Ventures in Sabah, Malaysia

  • The start of Successive Trading in Perth, Western Australia

new logo.
To a new decade.


2011 - 2021

Introducing our new logo. It is a testament to what we stand for as a company. Our new logo beautifully encapsulates the essence of mutual growth, collaboration, and transformation. You'll see two hands shaking from a bird's eye view angle.


Our vision as a beacon of hope in a world where talent often goes unnoticed due to a lack of opportunities. Hence, this logo is a powerful reminder that with the right helping hand, latent potential can shine, make an impact, and truly make a difference.


Together towards greater heights.




Logo designed by Takayuki Hirochi.

Creative ideas by Xean Liew & Khin Chong.

Screenshot 2019-04-01 at 4.28.29 PM.png

A message from our CEO

This February 2021 marks our 10th anniversary of SJKV. Even if we could not celebrate together this year, this event is already memorable.

When SJKV was founded in 2011, I was still a university student and was lucky enough to recruit four friends to join me without knowing how to manage a team. I was unsure whether my actions were right or a waste of time. But my vision was clear. I wanted SJKV to be a beacon of inspiration to our youth, and that vision kept us going to this day!


Other than a vision, it was, and still is, the people I have met and worked with together, the team spirit that played a significant role in this journey. All contributed and paved the way to a decade of learning opportunities and mistakes faced, but never have we changed our vision and core principles: belief in our youth and a passion for fellowship.


I am very grateful to all my fellow TeamSJKV for their dedication and patience even in the face of challenges, including the current Covid-19 pandemic testing humanity and hitting Mother Earth. What a roller coaster ride!


Our passion, fun and respectful company culture helped build a solid foundation that made this milestone possible.

Thank you, TeamSJKV, our family, friends and patrons who supported us all the while.



TeamSJKV - Since 2011

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