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"Bread We Love"

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About Us

We take pride in making quality yet affordable breads for the community. Please find us at these selected local supermarkets' bread aisles, where we share our love with you.

Now Available at:

  • HomesGrocer Lintas Plaza

  • HomesGrocer Iramanis

  • Merdeka Supermarket

  • CCK Local Citymall



Celebrating 2 years of dedication.

Two Years of Dough-licious delights! Celebrating Our Bakery's Anniversary!

Indulge in the artisanal delights of our bakery, crafting mouthwatering bread since 2021. 
Each loaf, baked to perfection, held the promise of warmth, comfort, and a touch of home. What made our bread special was not just the finest ingredients we poured into every batch, but also the love and care that enveloped every stage of baking.

Our success wasn’t just measured by the number of loaves sold but by the smiles of contentment, the bonds forged over shared meals, and the stories our patrons shared about how our bread became a part of their lives.

Now, as we mark the second anniversary of our bread journey, we are filled with gratitude. Every customer, every word of encouragement, every piece of feedback has shaped our journey. Our ovens have baked more than just bread; they have baked memories, relationships, and dreams.

Welcome to our world of baking with love! On behalf of the @mykkbakey team, we thank you for your support and trust in our brand.

Team KKB

September, 2023.

Bread with Jam

T:  016 - 822 0696

Do not hesitate to contact us for:

  • Supplying to your businesses

  • Special orders

  • Event collaborations

  • Marketing

  • Internship

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Our projects

Proud to partner with a 5-star hotel, our bakery supplies exquisite custom-order cookies, elevating the guest experience with a touch of sweetness and luxury.

Contact us for special orders!


 Coconut Cookies 


 Green Onion Nougat Cookies 

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